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      how can i cut off my internet sim? Do i have to pay my bill even it was lost , the bill is getting bigger monthly.

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          Hi, vic_06,


          Call the hotline http://www.globe.com.ph/contactus

          they can cut off your internet.

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            You may request for Temporary Disconnection. Kindly contact Globe at Contact Us.

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              Do you still want to continue your plan? If you are already out of the lock-in period and you want to temporary or terminate your plan, you can do so by calling the hotline or visiting the nearest Globe Store. However, you will need to settle your unpaid bills before you can request for termination. Did you report it after you lost your sim? If you have reported it immediately, Globe can temporary stop the service so you won't be charge for the service you were not able to use.

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                The key to losing something is reporting it right away otherwise Globe will continue to charge you as they would always assume that these are ordinary times during the course of your subscription.


                They could always replace your sim and make your lost sim inoperable rendering it useless to whoever got or found it.

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                  Since you are still within contract, MRF will still continue to be billed. In case of lost please report to the nearest GBC for replacement of the SIM and so you can continue to use the service. If you opt to terminate the contract, do it as early as now so you won't incur huge cancellation fees.


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                    Please be reminded that LOST of SIM/UNIT or HANDSET does NOT extinguish your obligation to Globe.


                    This should be a general information Globe has to explain to its new customers! This community is being flooded with questions that are supposed to be explained on hand by the agents to new customers!