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      Bakit biglang nagkaroon itong statement na "customers on an internet promo and plan who exceed 1 GB a day or 3 GB PER MONTH (whichever comes first) will experience browsing at slower speeds."? Dati naman wala akong nakita na may 3 GB na limit.

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          Hi iturby,


          as far as i know,  kasabay yan ng 1GB per day and 3GB per month. pag na reach na ung 3GB, mag aantay pa ng cutoff  date bago ma refresh ulit.

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            Yup, na gulat din ako dito mukang nagbago na naman yung FUP policy ng Globe. Dati naman pag na reach ko yung 1GB/day reduce na speed ko balik normal naman the next day. Ngayon start pa lang ng Dec yung message na receive ko naka-2.5GB na raw ako. Mmmm...eto ba ang way to force legacy data plan holder to migrate to GoSurf?

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              As I posted in the other thread...


              It seems that Globe little by little is trying to shift all to the newer plans (more expensive but not necessarily better) in the guise of implementing an "NTC" approved Fair Use Policy.


              As I have mentioned in past threads, though the NTC approves such a policy (who wouldn't if the word "Fair Use" is used?)  it is NOT the NTC that defines such... it is Globe (or other telcos).



              Unlimited Surfing did not have any conditions when it started in 2006;


              A couple of years ago, FUP was implemented and Globe advised that the upper 3% of the top users in a particular area may experience speed throttling IF THERE WAS CONGESTION in that PARTICULAR AREA. (If none then no throttling); (still fair as the variables were very reasonable)


              Then 2 years ago throttling would be imposed to those consuming 1GB/day (implemented) or 3GB/month (which was not yet implemented) regardless of the area. This was becoming unreasonable as Globe was now dictating what was fair.


              Now if the 3GB/month is being implemented then I would think that this would create a backlash for Globe. Many would view Globe as a company just concerned with making profit despite the fact that they have already increased their NET INCOME in the first half of this year to more than 385% to Php 6.5 Billion!!!


              And yet they encourage us to go wireless... paperless billing... using the internet for all transactions with Globe without providing the necessary satisfactory support! There must be something wrong here... It's as if we are being pushed against the wall and being forced to swallow the pill.