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    Recontracting Complaint


      I've been following up on my plan recontract since Sep 06 2014. The handset has arrived. The plan change, however, is still not processed to date. I have a colletion of agent names who assured the plan change, reference and order numbers, and call times. Where can we escalate a complaint re inefficiency, among other things?

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          Hi! *sigh*... 027301300 is your only option. They are the ones who can help you.

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            Hi sigridjoystalampas,


            I sent you a private message regarding this. Kindly check.

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              Here's what I did. Nagwala ako. as in nagwala. hehehe. I called the hotline every day to followup for my phone, then asked to talk to their Manager because the issue is taking so long. Then when there was still no response, I emailed Talk2globe copy furnish DTI and NTC. then Messaged their VP for Sales and the VP for Customer Experience regarding my concern. you can get the names of their VP at the website and look for them at the Facebook. you may also call the hotline 211 then dont talk to the agent. look for Laurence Sevilla, their team manager. he can assist you immediately. hwag mo na kausapin yung mga agent lalo na yung supervisor nila na si Ceejoay Cruz, kasi wala ding magagawa yung mga yun. here's a direct contact number for the support team of globe: 09175884450.


              You need to have your reference number with you. if you already have, dont call Globe anymore. followup with DBShenker. they are the one who is handling Globe handset delivery. their number is +632 982 9999. try mo yung local 4412 and 4418. give them your reference number yung 8 digit. ithink nagstart yun ng 700****. doon mo malalaman kung nasend na ng mga taga globe yung order mo or hindi pa. pag sinabi nila na wala pa sa kanila, then followup with globe. email them and copy DTI and NTC.



              you can trace your handsets manually if you have your reference number from the globe recontracting. hwag mo nang asahan yung mga walang kwentang yun para itrace pa yung handset mo.


              call DB shenker - 02982999 loc 4412 or 4418. then give your reference number. ask them for the status. pag sabing narelease na nila, get the material document number and the courier who handled the delivery including the contact number. if you have your mat. doc, call the courier, for me it is NSL 02975 2799. kailangan mo itace yun kasi minsan palpak din ang db shenker dahil hindi pa nila nirerelease sa courier pero ang sabi nila released na. pag dating sa courier hindi pa pala. basta any problem dun sa pag trace mo, go back to 211. pagalitan mo yung mga tamad na ayaw mag trace. hehehe