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    2 phone numbers in one sim card


      i'm using a blackberry, and rumors are bb is working on a technology that will enable users to  use/read 2 phone numbers in one sim card. if so pls do enlighten me, i would pretty much appreciate that kind of technology. i also believe that even if bb has this kind of technology, carriers would/should adopt to this kind of technology, so, will globe develop a sim with two phone numbers, if in such case arise?

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          Ely Vallez

          Hi earloi, I dont know much regarding on Blackberry, but regarding on a one simcard that have 2 phone number, I know something that it can be possible, to have two contact numbers in just one simcard, and its by subscribing to SuperDuo promo of Globe, if you avail this promo, aside of your mobile number, you'll be having a virtual landline number.


          Superduo: 2-in-1 mobile and landline service offering unlimited landline calls within the same area subscribed to and unlimited calls to any Globe/TM mobile number nationwide.


          To know more about superduo check this link

          SuperDuo | Promos | Postpaid | Help and Support

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              I am not sure if superduos will fit my needs, correct me if i'm wrong but as what I understand from the promo, it allows a person to have two numbers given that one is a land line number and another is a cell phone number. If so, are there any services that will cater to my need to have 2 cell phone number in one sim?

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                  This was already done before. The other network was able to do this on my previous sim card when I lost my phone, they assigned me one postpaid number and one prepaid number. In order for me to use one from the other I have to turn off my phone to switch sim. I just don't know if Globe is catering this kind of sim cards although they have have the Superduo they might be able to do it. Aside from that you will need an app which is currently not yet released by Blackberry called virtual sim. This is the software that will initiate the multiple numbers.

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                There was even a time that you can program 12 numbers in 1 sim (China made "Magic" sim) and it could be recognized by ANY phone (there were no blackberries then) but the local telcos changed the version of the sim cards they were using so cloning the sim and programing it to the "Magic" sim would be harder to do.


                The technology was already there but for security reasons was relegated back to China.