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    Iphone 6 charged TWICE!!! Disaster!


      I ordered the handset on Cash on Delivery basis. I paid the unit upon delivery since its COD. Since they already released the handset, I never expected that a problem will arise. I was surprised with my November bill that they were charging me again for the unit. Benn calling them for a week and it was not yet resolved up to this time. Since I am signed up on auto-pay, to prevent them from charging this to my credit card, I asked the agent if this has already been charged to my CC. Agent said NO so I immediately asked them to stop the auto-pay. I called my CC carrier the following day and they said Globe already charged it! I am asking them to have everything be fixed before my CC bill arrives. If not, I will have to pay the total amount charged to my CC (which I am not) or else I will have to pay interest rates until they fixed tis issue an refund everything. Please take note that Globe did not even email an OR for the handset.