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      I'm planning to get a 1799 iPhone6plus plan for 6 or 12 months contract. After the contract, what will happen?

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          After the contract, you have the option to recontract with the same plan and combos, or just continue using the plan, or avail of rebate if any or  any handset you prefer subject to fees.


          If you choose to stop using it, you have to call 211 to permanently disconnect the account.

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            If you are currently a postpaid holder and your current plan is already end of contract, you have the option to retain your current plan. Since you want to opt for the iPhone 6 plus device for 6 months or 1 year contract, you will need to contact the Loyalty Hotline at 730-1300 using a landline or dial 211 from your mobile device. Take note, all recontracting or new plan subscriber will be migrated to GoSurf Plan. Supersurf will no longer be applicable as this data plan is already phased out.

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              Ely Vallez

              Hi welaang, if ever you finish you plan you can request to recontract your plan and get a reward like a new handset, or you can request for permanent termination of the account / then on your  iphone 6, you can request to unlock the device after you finish the lock up period on that device.