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      I have been a Globe subscriber since I had my first Mobile Phone, I think about 10 years.


      I had the very sad experience of having been charged P24,000 on a one time basis on my credit card when I pre-ordered the iphone6 online, instead of the 24 month, interest free at P1,000/month.


      I have immediately brought this to the attention of Globe through your Customer Service several times (God knows how many times my patience have been tested).  Unfortunately, each time I get lucky to talk to a representative, I get different responses which added to the confusion. Meanwhile, the one time charge has not been reversed.  I later found out that Globe considered the one time charge as an overpayment and that my monthly bill will be reduced by P1,000 per month.  What??? What's the use of availing your Pre-order promo if I will have to pay the device in advance?


      The other day, I was able to talk to a representative who suggested that I go to the Globe Center near me and have my card swiped again.  While it made a little sense, I was a little hesitant since my concern is that my credit card will be charged twice.  Nevertheless, I went to the Globe Center in Alabang and the Representative made an email to the billing department, with the agreement that he will personally follow up the progress and that I will have to go back for my card to be swiped again once the charge has been reversed.   Yesterday, I have been instructed to go back to Alabang to have my card swiped again.  I now have the new charge slip which shows a 24 month payment of  P1000 per month.  Kindly reverse the account with my Credit card company immediately.


      For your information, the Ref No given to me is 70175411.


      By the way, I received a text message from Globe that because of the inconveniences in pre-ordering the Iphone6, the first month's fee will be waived.  I hope Globe keeps this commitment.