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    online application


      Hi! I just would like to ask if there is any way that I could know what my reference number is, I applied online, someone from the sales team already called and had my requirements sent to her and after a day  someone called to verify. I was also advised by our office that  globe called twice already verifying my employment. I failed to ask for my reference no., is there anyone here from globe that could assist me? . And is it true that online application takes forever to get approved? I would appreciate if you share your experience here regarding the matter. Thanks a lot!

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          Please call 211 or 02-7301300. Have the account specialist check your account, have it "searched by name" and if there is a match, please ask for the reference number (case number) for your future follow up. Also, if there exists a case number, have the agents "review" the case number.


          Since you said you applied ONLINE, calling the hotline sales 02-7301010 will be NO HELP since they only assist hotline applicants. So please call the numbers above instead.


          Online applications might really take a long time to process due to factors like employment verification, contact references, etc. If one of these could not be verified, this could hamper the fast processing of the application.

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