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      .I'm just wondering if someone here can check the status of my online application in Globe..I applied last Nov.30, 2014. I have received a call and list of requirements from Jenylyn of Globe last dec.1, 2014. I emailed my requirements on the same date.Next day, I received a call, orienting me on the plan I want to avail and confirming some informations. Last Dec.3 I received a call from Globe again, interviewed me about the plan I want to avail, they said that they will call my employer and end the call saying they will contact me again after 24-48hrs. But it has been more than that, I already call the hotline, it didn't help me on my concerns. Please help me. Thank you!

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          This community -including its members are Globe subscribers, thus noone has the authority to do such account related request.


          Your only option to get the status of your application is thru hotline - that is 211. They can access your account if its existing or not.


          The thing in applying for a Globe plan is patience. The waiting is worth it. Globe has its own process and the agents have to abide by it. Though they assure applicants and existing customers any feedback in the next 24-48 hours, that does not usually happens as it seems Globe's system is in disarray.


          The admin here has been helpful and he might check on it. Although, he cannot give you any assurance as i said, the community is not for account related concerns. Let's tag sir paulos

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            jujut ..

            if your request is still not processed via online and or HL it will be better if you will visit any nearest globe store and bring the requirements with you and it will be lot more faster to applied for the plan you want ..

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              We have the exact same situation but in my case a verifier called me after a day. Now waiting if i was approved or not. I wasn't able to get the reference number. i tweeted @talk2globe they checked my reference number and they were able to provide the status of my application. They said that it is still on open/pending status. Hope this helps

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