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    Already for delivery but unit out of stock, 1 week passed no call.


      Just a quick help here.. I dunno if others experienced this but I would be glad to know if im not alone.


      November 27 (thursday) Globe called and told me my unit (iPhone 6 Plus Space Gray) is already approved for delivery BUT... after checking their inventory they found out it was out of stock already... told me to WAIT for call.


      December 1 (monday) No call.. I called support and they told me according to my reference number my application is still tagged as "out of stock" and only advised to wait while they follow it up.


      December 5 (friday) No call.. I called support again.. they told me they cant look up applications that was done online thus cannot tell me the status of my application.. I told them about the call I made on december 1 only to be told to again WAIT while they escalate my concern to sales then to be routed to another dept (I forgot) and then to get back to me after 24 to 48 hours.


      All I need to know is a specific reason why it was taking this long for a restock? is there a policy that existing plan holders will be prioritized and new plan applications will be low priority? or something like that?

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          Hi dyoms  sorry to hear that but you are not alone having that issue with Globe. Are you aware that iPhone 6/6+ stock is limited here in the Philippines esp the 6+? 

          According to news, as no Apple official statement though, Apple allocated small number of iPhone 6/6+ unit for the Philippines, and since the demand here is high that explains the shortages and delays. 

          Your only option is to keep calling the hotline. Since your application is granted which is a good one as mostly applicants here are expereincing delay in the approval, you should call them as once stock arrives, it will be distributed accordingly. This community is not for account related concerns. We are just subscribers too sharing experiences or ways on how to dealt with Globe issues.

          Sadly, everyone keeps hearing the escalation lately and it's so frustrating. The wait is worth it once you have your phone. Be patient. :-)
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              yes indeed frustrating.. specially being one of those who registered way back end of October when globe opened up their pre-registrations and also one of those who ordered online immediately around 8-10am of November 7th.


              anyways thanks for the reply, I dont mind waiting all I need is a clear explanation... and I also feel for those who are having delays on their approval I myself waited for 3 weeks (November 7th to November 27).