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    data limit


      Good Afternoon.


      How will I know the data limit of my postpaid mobile internet?



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          Good afternoon too!


          There are many ways to check your account balance:

          1. By dialling *143#. Follow and select the appropriate choice.


          2. Downloading the GServices app on Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. Enroll your mobile number and verify it. Once verified you can view your account balance and the due date.


          3. Calling 211 and following the voice prompt for checking account balance.


          4. Creating an account at account.globe.com.ph. Enroll your mobile number and verify it. Once verified, you can fully use the self-service options at the menu.


          Dashboard - An overview/summary of your account.


          Plan Usage Meter - Tracker of your account balance, data usage, sms and call tracker


          Bill Statement - PDF file of your account statements for the one year duration which you can easily view or download for your perusal. You can even print directly when you need a hard or printed copy.


          Please take advantage of these features.

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            You're on what GoSurf data Plan?

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              Fair Use Policy |Plans and Promos | Mobile Internet


              you can check out that link for additional info regarding your concern.  notevenfollowed, is spot on about your 'limit' if you are indeed under the legacy unli plan/s.




              If you under the newer Gosurf plans, you can access your account online using the login link above or sign up if you've not created an account with globe before.  Once logged in, click on 'manage my account' and there you will be able to see your account information including your data usage/consumption as well as your current unbilled charges.


              I hope this helps.