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    No more rebates for Old Unlisurf plan 1799 since Dec 5, 2014!


      Hi! Here's the situation. I just called Loyalty Rewards Hotline for recontracting my Unlisurf 1799 (prior to Best Ever My Super Plan) and the agents said that all plans including the plans acquired prior to Best MyEver Super Plan are not eligible for rebates. She said that the rebates can only be granted if I have applied for such provision before December 5, 2014.


      I understand that those who have plans under My Superplan are not eligible for rebates since Nov 4, 2014 and are only required to migrate to Go Surf Plans to retain their numbers. I'm just surprised that Globe also changed their Loyalty policies for those plans acquired under My Supersurf plan 1799 (circa 2012) and the only way to get discounts as I have analyzed is to downgrade my current plan to Go Surf plan 999.


      I have read in previous posts here that my plan is eligible for rebates as it is not a My EVER Super plan but that policy just changed this December 2014. That's the problem with Globe they always change the contract without even informing their customers!


      Can anyone confirm this?