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    Annoyed with this "You have reached your limit" thing and I got temporary disconnected


      On December 8, 2014, I received an SMS Notification that I have to pay an overdue balance of PHP400.42. I totally freaked out because I just paid my balance 2 weeks ago (November 25, 2014 to be exact) and to my knowledge, I haven't had this kind of amount for 2 weeks only. I mean, I rarely use it for Call and Text since many messaging apps via internet would do the thing.


      So, I called a Customer Service Representative named Ben and he told me that this was a mistake and just ignore it because it was a system generated SMS Notification. He also told me the exact balance I have to pay is PHP100.42. After the conversation, I thought I will not have to worry anymore and then, I got another SMS Notification from Globe that I will have to pay PHP500.42 this time blah blah blah and it said that I was temporary disconnected because I have reached my limit. This situation is totally driving me crazy. What's happening to my account?