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      Does it take a really long time for the approval of new line application for Globe? It has been almost two weeks. I checked with twitter, said that they will forward this to the support team. Got the same resolution when I called the hotline. They said thay they have limited access and they will once again forward this to the support team. There was no progress on my application. No one is calling me.within the 24hour frame time that they promised. This is getting frustrating. If I apply at a GBC, how long will it take? The only problem is that the handset thay I want is only available online T.T


          Usual problem for the delay of processing the application is the verification of the documents you have submitted. If you believe that all the documents you submitted are enough you need to contact the hotline to follow up. Since you are waiting for almost two weeks already for an update, let us try to tag our community managers paulos joshl may be one of them can have a look at it.


            Yes online application is tedious. Due to numerous application kaya hindi lahat nabibigyan ng pansin. Considering also that marami problema sa systema ng Globe kaya talagang delayed ang feedback. Minsan talagang lapses ng mga agents ang delayed. Paiba iba sila ng update dahil may topak ang system. May nawawala pa nga application eh. Meron din ilang references pero lahat wala sa system.


            Pagtyagaan mo na lang follow up sa 211 yan. Expect na maraming oras ang gagamitin sa pag follow up.

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              The answer to your question? In my experience, YES, it takes longer to apply online than going to a Globe store.


              What's worse is that while in a Globe Store you talk with real people and expect to get some feedback right away or at the very least know who to speak to and how to get in touch with them while applying online though seemingly easier with today's technology is actually more tedious as if getting in touch with a blank wall with a perceived notion that the agent concerned will just get in touch with the applicant at their own (agent's) convenience.

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                I went to the MOA GBC last Sunday and it took just 1 hour of my time to apply. I got the handset immediately.


                I brought all the necessary requirements like credit card statements, IDs, etc.


                Someone from 211 told me that if there is "an approver" on site, your line can be approved in a few minutes, and you can get the handset at the same time. There must have been one on site since I got approved in just an hour.


                Good luck on your application!