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    Can you use your Peso Value to subscribe to Promos like Super Unli 150?


      I have plan 1799, with a peso value of 3200. I need unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM, but I don't want to go over my budget of 1799 per month. They do not offer unlimited calls to Globe and TM as a combo. I do not want to subscribe to a booster with Unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM since they will charge it ON TOP of the 1,700php I pay per month.

      Can I use my PESO VALUE to subscribe to Super Unli 150, and NOT BE CHARGED on top of 1799?


      Please see my current setup below:



      With that setup, I am currently getting 625 texts to all networks (via All Net Text x5) and 120 mins calls to Globe/TM (via Globe/TM Calls x6).


      Frankly, I make more than 625 texts  and 120 min calls to Globe/TM. For people from other networks, I just need maybe 125 texts per month. That's more than enough.


      I desperately need help. Anyone, please?