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    How can I hide my caller I'd


      How can I hide my caller I'd..? Do postpaid plans have caller I'd block?

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          Go to Home screen>Choose the Apps>Settings>My Device>Call>Call Settings>Additional settings>Caller ID >Hide number. If you'd like to switch to Caller Identification, just choose "Show Number". Then select Home screen button to go back to the home page.

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            Are you referring to your number being hidden when you make outgoing calls? Is yes then this feature is carrier dependent and Globe has not implementing or allowing numbers to be hidden unless in some exceptional circumstances. By merely enabling the feature in your phone, it won't hide your number.

            Otherwise if you are referring to blocking incoming calls then your phone may support this depends on what model your mobile phone is. For iPhone just press the number to see additional info, scroll down and you will see Block caller. For Android, same just open the additional or details of the number and add to block list.