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      Good morning :-)


      A few minutes ago I have spoken with a globe CSR. I wanted to change my availed combos in order to accommodate the Lifestyle Bundled Apps. In the course of my conversation with the CSR I learned that each bundle app has its own data allocation:


      * Navigation bundle (Waze, Google Maps, grab taxi etc) has 150mb limit

      * Chat bundle (Viber, FB messenger, Kakao talk etc) has 1Gb limit.

      * Work bundle (G mail, yahoo mail, ever note) has 1Gb limit

      * Facebook stand alone app has 200mb limit.


      I was saddened upon learning this. The way it was advertised here in this link http://www.globe.com.ph/surf/plans/lifestylebundles gives a customer an idea of 24/7/30 access.


      What do these blurbs insinuate: (Capitalization mine)?

      * Text NAVIGATION 99 to 8888 to enjoy these apps ALL DAY, ALL MONTH. Only P99 for 30 days.

      * CHAT TO SAWA with your friends..

      * Update your newsfeed, keep track of everyone's birthdays, share funny images, and more on Facebook.. ENJOY ALL-DAY Facebook for 30 days, for only P199.

      * With these Lifestyle Bundles, YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM to choose and access only the apps you need to live the lifestyle you want!


      I hope Globe will be more transparent in promoting these lifestyle bundled apps (at the very least) as a way of saying thank you to the loyal globe customers. Putting a disclaimer notice on the very same web page will be very helpful to us.


      Thank you for your time.

      God bless us :-)