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    plan post paid 1300


      Please give me a tips my billing is so big in local calll

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          These are combos which you can register by creating an account at globe.com.ph/accounts. Enroll your mobile number and verify it. May mga self service options dun na pwede mo magamit. Like changing your combos.

          Some tips:

          1. Do not reply sms with "OK" only. Silence means yes so no reply means yes.

          2. Choose your combos depending on your usage. May 100 texts and 5 minutes call to all networks na combo.

          3. Do not call when not necessary. Sms instead.

          4. For data usage, turn of data mobile or cellular when not in use. Use wifi when available.

          5. Set yourself some limits. Every convenience comes with a higher price, remember that.

          6. If subscribed to a gosurf, use viber, fb messenger, line, kakao, etc., to send sms when available to save local and abroad charges.