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    Private addressing fault makes it difficult to find a working IP and then it only works for minutes or hours


      Since about a month and a half ago this Private Addressing scheme was initiated whereas a Public IP (180.xxx.xxx.xxx or 222.xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) connected to your modem. Now a Private Address connects (10.215.xxx.xxx) you to the Internet if it works. If it doesn't you can't load pages from the Web.


      With the Private Address Scheme, your modem functions like accessing your office database and interacting with it are impossible. With 7,000 islands government offices are now cutoff because the NAT will not allow returning packets from a response by you to be received. Search Google to verify.  Likewise interactive gaming and your IP Camera will not stream. In Private Addressing, your modem/router is reduced to customer name and password authenticator for requests you send for webpages whose route is determined by the DNS. Ninty Nine percent of the Private Addresses don't know how to find the DNS so pages won't load or fail in the loading process because an item on the pages URL can't be resolved.


      Devices connected to the modem may be able to "Call Home" but the owner of the devices abroad cannot access the device because the Nat drops everything not on Port 80.


      If one calls Support you are talking to call center personnel who have nothing or training to do more than read their script. They will send a contract "Technician" who has the same handicaps as they to fix a problem they don't understand. The Globe business model is to hire contract workers and compartmentalize them lest they collaborate and actually learn from one another on how to fix something.


      Given Globes long-term inability to initiate reforms, perhaps one solution to this mess is ordering and paying P770 a month for a a Static Public IP although businesses who have done so had to chase them to get it. Perhaps returning the function to the modem through connecting to the internet directly with a Public IP will fix things individually, others with no resources will have to continue to struggle.


      Does anyone have a better experience?



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          A sad state that they're implementing lately.  Fair user policy on bandwidth/speed throttling, all DSL broadband with limited gigabytes, getting only 80% of advertised rate for peak only, and these double NAT/NAT3 or dynamic private IP address renders port forwarding/virtual server/CCTV/IP camera worthless.  Given these, there are no sites unlike before you can manage and monitor your connection, technical support who gave advise before, and not advertise or criticize or sympathize only.  It's not that I'm badgering but all these frustrations recently that I understood some of my colleagues were forced to transfer to the competition, reaching peak, shared dynamic public IP address, unlimited plan and VAS given, not only some streaming from a particular site.  Hoping that they re assess their strategy.  As Aret Fermin-VP of P...., innovation means freedom to choose, interconnectivity in and out of the network and finally, customer satisfaction that drives the subscribers.