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    Globe ADSL Subscribers are now within the Carrier Grade NAT


      I'm not going to battle Globe legally, because I have no legal basis to begin with, but I just want to argue that putting the Subscribers within the Carrier Grade NAT, makes gaming unreliable! There will be frequent disconnections. Second it makes web hosting impossible.


      Subscribing to your Static IP Add-on is absurd! 559 pesos per month for a measly thing? It's overcharged, and I don't even know if you'll still put us in the carrier grade nat!


      It's always Globe (the first telco) to implement many things that would just aggravate the customers, just to save money instead of upgrading their network infrastructure to have a more reliable service, like with their FUP.


      Implementation of FUP is not anymore justifiable with Wired Connections! It's not fair you also implement FUP just because of Network Congestion, Wired Connections doesn't work that way! Instead of wasting your money on advertising, sponsorship and "parades" to encourage more subscribers, why not UPGRADE your Facility?