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    Rebates not offered anymore!


      Good day


      I called the customer service and asked to be transferred to the loyalty department on December 22, 2014.


      I was trying to inquire for my boss' Globe mobile plan regarding Globe's loyalty offer particularly bill rebates.


      When I was able to talk to a customer service from the loyaly department, I asked what's Globe's offer for bill rebates for my boss' Globe mobile plan.


      I was told that bill rebates are not being offered anymore regardless of the plan. I was shocked and felt discouraged to later continue my own Globe mobile plan.


      Here are the Globe mobile plans my boss' and I currently have and the number of years we are with globe:


      Boss' - Advantage Plan: P332.75/Month (12 years plus)

      Mine  - Globe Super Plan: P399/ Month (Globe Duo Only) (9 years plus)


      I asked the person I was talking to that what can Globe offer to my boss' account if it doesn't offer bill rebates anymore. I was told that my boss' plan needs to be upgraded to plan P499 so to get a free handset. I asked the CS what units are offered and he said Samsung Galaxy V and Huawei Ascend Y600. I told the CS that is that the best Globe can offer for my boss' plan and he said yes. I told that did Globe also count the number of years that we are loyal to Globe and he can't answer me directly.


      I told my boss' regarding the offers. I told my boss regarding the offers and was told that she will just retain her old plan without any loyalty perks from Globe.


      I myself am thinking to cut my postpaid plan after my lockup period and transferring to a competitor of Globe.


      I do felt betrayed by Globe. Globe's new plans and loyalty perks really sucks big time! Your plans are confusing and your loyalty perks are one sided!


      Globe, please fix your plan offers and loyalty rewards so you won't lose your loyal subscribers. Thank you.