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    Hi! Im planning to apply the iphone 6: How? + Cash-Out


      Hi! Im planning to apply the iphone 6 plan but I cant see the price. Paano yung cash-out? For example Plan 1299 and may nakalagay na cash-out P5000, is that means everytime that Ill pay in Globe monthly Ill add 1999, 5000? or once lang? Please help me. Thanks

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          chaedayoung The corresponding Service Channel (store or online) you will apply to will inform you about the cash out. It usually is a one time charge but there should be an ongoing promo where cash out can be paid in installments via credit card:

          Purchase your iPhone 6 at 0% interest up to 24 months via our partner credit cards: American Express, BDO, BPI, Citibank, EastWest Bank, HSBC, Metrobank/PS Bank, PNB, RCBC Bankard, Security Bank/Diners Club, and Unionbank.*

          *Standard Chartered Bank offers 0% interest up to 12 months only.


          from: iPhone 6 Plans and Offers | Postpaid - Globe Telecom - under Light and Easy Payment


          Best to ask the CSR at the store or the online agent who will contact you about the actual cash out. A word of caution though: stocks are very limited.