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    Bill Rebates Already Scrapped by Globe


      My boss asked me to call Globe's Customer Service hotline on her behalf and as her authorized representative and ask on her behalf what Globe will offer to her as her loyalty since her Globe postpaid account is 12 years plus already.


      I called the hotline and asked to be redirected to the loyalty department.


      Once I was able to talk with a cs at the loyalty department, I asked what can Globe offer to my boss' Globe postpaid account. The cs told me that my boss must upgrade from her current globe advantage plan P300 to the globe plan P499 so in order to get a unit. I asked the cs if there are rebates being offered. The cs told me that the rebates are already not available and have been removed as of December 2014


      I was shocked, disgusted, disappointed with the removal of bill rebates offers and the current mobile phone offers of Globe for my boss' account and loyalty.


      I myself am a Globe postpaid subscriber for about 9 years plus already. When the time comes and my contract with Globe expires, Globe will also offer me the same thing as what is being offered to my boss' postpaid account.


      I am already contemplating cutting my line when my plan expires and shift to a competitors services.


      Hope Globe is listenting to the complaints of its subscribers (current and long time subscribers). If not, Globe would lose alot of its current, loyal and long time subscribers.