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      Hi Globe,


      I dont know if this is the right place to air my disappointment.


      Last June 30, 2014  i applied thru Globe ONLINE for a postpaid plan 1799. Aiko from Globe Online and Bank Channel assisted me and ask for my requirements which i submitted to her thru email. We exhange emails contstantly for a few days just to make sure my application is ok, then my application went on standstill because GLOBE is unable to receive any reply/confirmation from my employer which i understand. Last July 22 ive asked Aiko again for an update but i did'nt get any reply from her. So i thought my application was rejected or cancelled. btw, the reference number of my ONLINE application is 55649451.


      Come mid-December i was able to visit ALLPHONES store in Eastwood and their Sales associate was able to convince me to apply for a GLOBE Plan, i mentioned my previous online application and he assured me that they will make sure this time my application will push through. I submitted the necessary documents. After a few days, On December 22, i was told that my application with them is approved. This time they were able to get in touch with my employer and confirmed my employment status. My application reference number with them is 70425700.


      ALLPHONES called me and i was told that my phone unit is ready and available but they cannot release it yet due to my pending ONLINE application. They advise me to call the Globe hotline to cancel that application first.


      So i called the Globe hotline and requested for the cancellation on my pending ONLINE application. The lady i spoke with told me that the turn around time for my request is 24-48 hrs. the next day i called the hotline again to make a follow up to my request and the agent i talked to mentioned that the status is still pending and that he will send a request to their Support team for the cancellation. I wanted to talk to his supervisor since i was told the same thing when i called the previous day. I was able to talk to the supervisor and she assured me that my pending application will be resolved in 24-48 hrs. Again the same timeframe given when i initially called. i requested for a call back from her to make sure, she promised to call me back, this is December 23. After my call i sent an email via their contact us page and after a few hours i got a reply from globe via email. i replied back with this info


      Account Number      :none

      Service Category    :5.Others

      Summary of Concern  :Cancellation of Online Mobile Postpaid application

      Details of Concern  :Greetings and Happy holidays!


      is there a way for you to cancel my online mobile postpaid application with reference number 55649451?


      I applied with AllPhones and globe approved my application from them. Now AllPhones cant release the phone yet since i have this existing online application. I called the Globe hotline but they cannot do any cancellation and they dont have any idea who can do it or can't even tell when the cancellation will push through.


      Please cancel my online application with reference number 55649451.




      I got a reply from IYEL and this is what she said


      Dear Mr. *****

      Thank you for letting us know your concern about our service. Our apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Please be informed that your request for cancellation of your online application has been noted.




      Iyel Tamaray

      Globe Customer Service



      Come December 24, i was expecting a call from the supervisor and wolla no one called. So i dialled Globe hotline again to verify the status of my request and again the agent told me that he will send my request to their support team and that i will get an update in 24-48 hrs. again the same timeframe given when i called on Dec 22. i wanted to talk to a supervisor to escalate my concern and basically to complain that i was lied too and that its beyond the 24-48 hrs yet my request is not yet resolved. i was on hold for at least 2 hrs just to talk to a supervisor, again the supervisor assured me that they will escalate the concern and again promised me that she will call me back.


      December 25, its already past the 24 hrs and im still waiting for a callback but no one did. at around 7am i called the hotline again and talked to an agent still no update from my request and the usual he will send my request to Support team and wait again for another 24-48 hrs. I requested to talk to a supervisor and i was on hold for an hour before my call was transferred to a supervisor. This time i asked to be transferred to someone who can help me cancel my pending application. The good lady told me that she will place my call on hold and that she will connect me to the department who can assist me. This time the lady supervisor got me on hold for almost 2 hrs and a half without getting back on me. i need to drop the call since i have to go somewhere.


      At around noon, i was in Eastwood so i might as well checked it with ALLPHONES and verify the status of my application and surprise surprise my request for cancellation push through... BUT THEY GOT THE WRONG APPLICATION CANCELLED.


      ALLPHONES showed me their system, which i believe globe is using as well, that my application with them is the one that is cancelled. We've checked the notes and it was IYEL who requested that cancellation. I dont know if my email is unclear but i specifically mentioned that i wanted to cancel my ONLINE application and i even provided the reference number. I send an email to re activate my application with ALLPHONES and i was coldly advised that once an application is cancelled they can no longer reactivate it. i was just told that i dont have to worry because i can re apply again... WTH, the email lacks empathy and that its sounds sarcastic and she wants me to feel glad that after all the frustrations and inconvenience, the time ive spent on the phone that i should still be glad that i can re apply again. She didnt even consider that its her co-agent who made the mistake.


      this is too much. i hope someone can help me and fix this problem.


      BTW my online application is still open..