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    what will happen to my line at plan 299?


      How can it be theres no more plan 299?

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          jujut ..

          myLIFESTYLE Plan is the newest plan offer from Globe Postpaid. In line with their effort to simplify their plans, there will only be one plan: with Unli Calls & Texts to Globe/TM for only P499 a month. Other services can be availed on top of it (Promo Packs formerly Boosters), so you can still customize your plan according to your interests and needs. Best of all, the more you add, the better the handset you can get. This will start probably next year ..

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            I had this confirmed last night as I'm planning on downgrading my plan to 499 or 299 (and just get a GoSurf combo) once my contract has ended (currently on Plan 999 with PV).


            @DeyOfGlobe confirmed that I will be able to keep my current plan (upon end of contract) and can choose to downgrade with my current plan's setup. Although I don't know how rewards/loyalty will work here.


            Sorry Globe, but for people like me who don't call or text often (more on data here), the myLIFESTYLE plan is not at all enticing.