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    Help Needed


      Im a globe user and my contract is about to end on April and im thinking to opt my plan. I called you but the rep didnt help me at all saying that they cant do anything to provide what i need for my plan. I did the chat service with reference 1412260425 and they transferred me 3 time. The last chat rep wasnt able to help me as well. Thier system is slow. They want to remove the current plan i have and downgrade it and maintain the charges or amount. They offered iphone 5s.

      i dont think iphone 5s is ok to what im currently placing since i got the note 2 which is the same price of note 4 2 years ago. Why are downgrading my plan and my phone but still maintain my monthly charges. Now Im thinking twice if i need to stay with you. Can someone help me on this?

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          Hi? The direct line for recontracting is 027301300. Call again and talk to an agent. He will discuss you all the details about your recontracting.

          Nonetheless, your contract will end on April 2015 as mentioned? Please be informed that you can recontract for free, 30 days before your contract ends. Meaning you can recontract on May 2015 without any pretermination fee. When you want to recontract now or earlier than May 2015, you will have to pay pretermination fee. 

          Handsets varies and the cost depends on the existing plan. The higher the plan, the lower the cash out or no cash out at all just advance monthly recurring fee (mrf). 

          Downgrading is allowed but again subject to pretermination fee. Call 027301300 for more details. 

          I cannot provide specific details as you didn't mention what is your plan. Though, you can check more info at globe.com.ph/postpaid

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              Thank you for giving me answer on how to extend my plan in case i opt to

              extend it without compromising or giving additional charges since im loyal

              and recommending your service to my friends


              My plan is to extend it given the fact that i hope to get or retain my

              current plan which is unli data plan and get samsung note 4 without

              additional cost.


              I want to stay with Globe since i have it for a long time.

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