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    Location Services not working


      We recently bundled our account to landline+DSL. A day after DSL was installed, I noticed that Yahoo Weather in iPad Mini is not detecting my location. I thought it was just an app problem so I tried using Google Maps and the same thing happened. Then I thought it was an iPad issue so I tried using Yahoo Weather with a PC running Windows 8.1 and the same issue happened.


      Long story short, we tested both iPad and laptop in other Globe DSL from neighbors and Location Services work just fine. We also went to another town and connected to another ISP and also works just fine.


      I have a strong feeling that the issue is in our modem/router. I think it was not configured correctly or may have some features/security that blocks this function. I can access the modem/router page however I have no clue what is causing this. Any clue? Help is much appreciated. Thanks.