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    Why is Globe support group not vigilant in resolving cases with regards to correction from extra / wrong charges?


      I have an existing family postpaid plan with Globe that has 4 lines in total. But instead, I have been receiving charges for another 2 lines, so I am being charged for 6 lines in total. This has been going on since  April of this year. It started when I renewed my contract (now I wish I haven't). Since April I have been calling Globe support about this and they always say they'll work on it and get back to me 'n' days after. On that particular day, no feedback. And as I call them again for a follow up, I find myself explaining the whole story all over again. As I suggest my line to be cut already (because they don't seem to care about my concern) they are asking me to pay 'x' amount of money because "I have a contract". Well Globe, I have a contract for FOUR lines, NOT SIX!!! Any Globe reps here? I need someone dedicated and concerned to their clients to work on this.