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    New myLifestyle Plan + iPhone  cash-out


      Hi. I am planning to apply for the iPhone 6 16 GB under the new myLifestyle plan. I would just like to ask, do I really need to avail of the Lifestyle pack? Because personally, the only major apps that I use is Spotify (which is already included in the GoSurf package) and Skype (not offered in the Chat bundle). And second, how much cash-out would I need to pay if my proposed plan total is 1297 (Base plan 499 + GoSurf 499 + Unli All Net 299). I've tried reaching a CSR online but it's always busy/unavailable and I have already sent out an email. And also, I am not able to go to any globe store since I have a pretty busy schedule. Please respond. Thanks

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          You have to wait until January 7, 2015 for the myLifestyle plan to take effect. As of now, there are inconsistencies as to the new plan. The implementation is only at selected two stores in Manila for now. There's no definite info as to cash outs, etc yet.

          Or better yet call 211 or 027301010 so they can give you more infos. 

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            Hi dor,


            It is highly recommended that you avail of the promo packs. In your case, it is better to avail of the music bundle since you will have premium membership in Spotify and a 1GB data allocation for it. If you opt to have the GoSURF alone, you can only stream Spotify Basic and it will consume the MB of your GoSURF subscription.


            For your proposed plan Php1,297, as of December 23, 2014 and based on my computation, the cashout for the iPhone 6 16GB is Php19,200. Take note that your committed MSF will be *Php 1,299 (Php 1,297 + Php2 consumable) and on top of that is your one-time cashout of Php 19,200 for the device.


            *All committed MSFs end with Php99. Note that the sum total of the actual plan and chosen promo packs shall be rounded off to the next available MSF If the missing amount is anywhere between P1 to P98, then this amount automatically converts to consumables to allow you to meet the minimum required MSF.