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    How to change or reset PPP password???


      modem: DSL5018EN(1T1R)


      It happened when my internet was down with steady red light. I called 171, 211 and 7301000 but all of the agents said they cannot handle such problem and need to be visited by a technician. The next two days, the repairman came but obviously he's having hard time fixing the problem and finally decided to call the "SP" (not familiar to me) he said, as it was his only last resort for him to change/reset the password. And then boom!!! system restored!


      The next couple of days, the same problem occurred and of course, the same procedure made to solve the problem.


      Please if someone who could give me the "SP" hotline number so I can call my concern directly to them and it would be the most fast and efficient way just in case I'll encounter the same problem in the future..