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    DCB ERROR message


      i have problem in DCB (direct carrier billing) in which it says error everytime to purchase GEM in COC, and i have tried it to with mobile data connection but it still doesnt work. it says number not verified. pls help me with this. thanks. happy hollidays !

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          Paulo D

          Hi pmj950821!


          Sorry to know that. Here are troubleshooting tips you can try:

          1. For you first purchase via Direct Carrier Billing, you need to use your Mobile Data Service. You can opt to use Wi-Fi connection for your succeeding purchases.
          2. Your Google ID may be already associated with a non Philippines address. This could be due to the account has been linked.with an overseas credit card. I suggest you to login to wallet.google.com and go to the Settings page, to confirm whether the address is set to an overseas address. You can also try with a different Google ID to login Google Play.
          3. Try to insert your Globe SIM card to another Android Device and see if you are getting the Direct Carrier Billing option. You can also try to insert a different Globe SIM to your Android Device.


          For more info, visit Google Play | Mobile Internet and Direct Carrier Billing for Google Play Store to learn more.


          Hope this helps.