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    I can't activate my premium account with Spotify. Has anyone experienced the same?


      I am a subscriber of the  gosurf999 postpaid plan and as it has been discussed with me it includes 6 months free trial of the premium spotify account. Now, my issue is that I cant activate it. I went to Globe Telecom (spotify.globe.com.ph/go) and entered my mobile number. Within 5 minutes I received an SMS providing me a 4 letter activation code. Then I encoded it the same site and it says it will send me an activation link. Its been two days and no SMS with activation link has come yet. I tried to go back to the site but it always says "Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later." I've talked to a lot of agents thru talk2globe (chat.globe.com.ph/) but they all says I have to wait. Its been 2 days. Has anyone encountered the same? Please let me know what you did or what the agents have told you to do (other than wait). Thanks!!!

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