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    Who's your favorite Talk2Globe Online Specialist?


      Kudos to Globe for coming up with different online specialists to make the interaction much better! I remember only getting robotic answers from them before, but today they are able to interact with me in so many ways other than just about Globe - they don't appear as just a brand anymore, but as real humans! Yay! :smileyhappy:


      I admit they're not perfect due to misses and the like, but this thread is not about that. Let's show our appreciation to them. No negative vibes here please :smileyhappy:


      As for me, my favorite is NelskiOfGlobe!! He's super fun to interact with! Sometimes I still tweet him even if I don't have any Globe concerns. Who is your favorite?

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          JenOfGlobe, coz she helped me until my issue is settled. Paki promote na siya. Thank you! =)
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            KirkOfGLobe super sulit ang support nya. I even got the chance to meet him in person..sya na naka Xperia Z hehe :smileytongue:

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              I think girls are more patient and they really give there best at kahit madaming question they are finding way para maayos even ung tone ng voice nakaka wala ng init ng ulo kasi maayos parinl kaya I more apreciated them.
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                Rust Cohle

                Okay. I didn't see this one coming. Haha!


                Thanks a whole bunch, Robie. I'm pretty sure I had fun tweeting you as well. Don't hesitate to send me a tweet any time of day and I'll do my best to reply, even if it isn't Globe concern-related. This applies to all Globe pals here in the Globe Community.


                For good measure you can find me on Twitter as @NelskiOfGlobe, and I'm online 6AM to 3PM, Saturday to Wednesday.

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                  Most of my concerns coursed through Twitter were handled by @NelskiOfGlobe. Kudos, brother!

                  BTW, I'm @RanterXRanter on Twitter! See you guys! :smileyhappy:
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                    Hi thisblindman!

                    Welcome to the Globe Community.

                    Finally, we have a Twitter geek with us. I raised an issue to the Twitter Team on 05/23 and until now, issue is still pending. On that day, two of your colleagues replied saying I have to DM them with the details of my issue. I also passed them my account information.

                    These Twitter geeks were @MariaofGlobe and @RJofGlobe. I want to know, do they go to work to Ctrl X and to Ctrl V? In short, copy and paste. Masabi lang na may trabaho. Ampf.

                    The issue is, we did a transfer of ownership in your not-so-friendly SM Mall of Asia Business Center. The transfer was made March early this year. You sent me a bill on 05/23 saying I owe you 1.2K. Upon getting the bill, I called Globe and they couldn't figure out. You're right hand doesn't know what your left hand is doing.

                    I spoke to 4 agents thru the Hotline and 1 in a Business Center. When I went to the Business Center, I was the very first customer. The Staff took her an hour to tell me that I do not owe you anything. When I was there, I got upset because she's not ready with her computer, her system tools and she even called a certain number to have her password reset. When the Store Staff said, it's zero balance. I left right away since I was sleepy.

                    I spent 3-4 hours of my time talking to Globe about this issue. How will Globe compensate me? I could have spent those hours sleeping since I work vampire hours. Please pass this complain about Maria and RJ - they are both inutile.

                    Note: Globe started the mess. You sent me an erroneous bill.

                    Hope to hear from you soon. :smileyhappy:
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                      Thank God!

                      I just got a bill from Globe stating the bill is zero. It is bill #27S. This bill is for the line we did a transfer of ownership. We all want peace of mind.

                      But my complain doesn't end here. I still want these 2 Twitter geeks reprimanded. I want compensation for the hours I lost dealing with this issue. Talking to 5 employees and 3-4 hours of wasted time.

                      Go lang ng Go.
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                        Wala ka ng po-problemahin pa @GIBO. Mabuhay ka.