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    GPS issues with devices?


      I am using O+8.15, with a prepaid sim. I registered to a surf promo the other day so I can use my phone's GPS so I can get a route with less traffic. Unfortunately, on our 2 hour trip from San Jose del Monte, Bulacan up to San Juan Metro Manila, I never got a stable GPS connectivity more than 5 minutes and I got the message 'Searching GPS'. I tried contacting O+ because I think it was my device that got problem (note that I never mention a specific network to them), and yet their response is that it's a know issue that Globe users often got GPS connectivity problems regarding to other phone models. Hope my problem can be solved. Thanks!

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          Hi seph19  madaming factors po ang possible reason ng gps stability, sa android meron 3 options nandun, meron gps lang ng handset, meron combination ng gps at data na pwede no i-set, pwede ding mahina ang data nung location or yung handset mo hindi makasagap ng gps location..usually what other did, prior to actual travel they set their location sa map then save offline the route.