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    How to unlock puk globe sim on ipad


      i got 10 attempts on my sim pin. it requesting for PUK code.. How will i know my puk code on ipad air??thank you need it badly..

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          Ely Vallez

          Hi anne107, you can call to the hotline Contact Us  or other channel, message at www.twitter.com/talk2globe for better assistance on the PUK code retrieval.




          1. Three (3) consecutive erroneous entries of PIN will result to SIM BLOCK. By turning the phone off before the third entry will reset it to Zero. Thus, allowable number of erroneous entries is back to three (3).


          2. Ten (10) consecutive erroneous entries of PUK code will result to SIM REJECT. Such is accumulative even when entries were made on separate occasions. Thus, even when phone was turned off, the numbers of erroneous entries are still registered.


          3. For SIM reject cases, customer needs to have their SIM card replaced for FREE


          if you'll going to replace your simcard you need to visit a nearest Globe store for assistance for that