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    Michael James T. Vocalan: RUDE CSR


      Okay. So once again, another very helpful CHAT AGENT by Globe.


      I'm asking him about the Spotify Premium activation (which until now has lots of problems unsolved) and he kept telling me that he's not capable of helping me out due to limited access and apparently, he was (I'm surprised for the script - NEVER GETS OLD) very sorry to what happened.


      And so I asked him to escalate, make a report or do something about it since I presume it's his job and he is paid for it.


      And with all due respect, when I'm asking him to do so, he suddenly finished the chat because he is very courteous.


      Not another wonderful day for me.


      Thanks to his rudeness.

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          This CSR is really useless. I was randomly assigned to him several times and in all occasions, he wasn't able to help!

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            Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

            Hi gspoorcsrs, Fill-out an Agent Complaint @ Talk2Globe Email Form Supply the necessary details in regard to your experience with that agent.

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              I had experienced dealing with Mr Vocalan today. I was complaining to him that I disconnected/cancelled my account over a year ago and Globe should stop billing me. I asked to speak to his team leader but he said he is not able to provide that service. What a bunch of croc!! I am sure Globe trained him to do that. What is the point of having a customer service dept when you cannot help resolve your customer issue. This guy is pretty useless but he probably gets rewards from Globe.


              I will be writing Mr Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala II, Chairman and Ernest Cu, President and CEO of Globe about this matter.

              You people should too. In fact, Mr Ayala has a Facebook page. Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala | Facebook

              He needs to know about the shenanigans Globe is doing to their customers.

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                  Almost the same as what happened to me. My phone was stolen last April 23, 2015 along with the Globe postpaid simcard that I just got last Feb 2015 (699 Sim only plan). On April 24 I flew to one of the remote areas in Davao Oriental where signal is very weak that even their toll free number cant be reached. I also asked the folks in the area if how far is the next City near in the area so that I can report about what happened and they said its about 60Kms away from the place where I'm at and there is no guarantee that a globe local office is available in that city. So to make the long story short, I chatted in, got this Michael Vocalan as the rep and keeps on asking me the same questions over and over again. I asked for a Lead and was just so silent for more than 10 mins and get back telling you "let me go ahead and check with my Supervisor", I mean WTH? What were you doing the last 10 mins? You wasted 10 mins if my life and ending up having this issue unresolved. Worst Customer Service ever!