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    data connection


      My mobile data can't really access any account.And my wifi cannot be refresh immediately when i use. Sometimes hazard to wait to open my apps or log in to my account.many times can't receive any notification and maybe late coming. Can't socialize when time of conversation.

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          Data speed varies from the signal you receive. If you have a low signal then it is natural that your connectivity will be slow. If your using your phone to access the internet, try to check your phone if your getting a better signal.

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              Hi I have a strong signal but still the internet connection under my data connection showing E (Edge) which means that I have a slow connectivity. I am currently in Maharlika Taguig but when I'm on the other side of Taguig I have a strong connection. Please let us know if the Maharlika Area has a strong signal for us to use our globe data with the strong connection. Thanks!