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    Postpaid application


      I already submitted my requirements and filled-up a form for my plan 1799 application (iPhone6 64gb) a few weeks back. After a frustrating time of waiting for the call to confirm if my application has been approved or denied, I received a text indicating that I need more proof of financial capacity in order to proceed with my application.


      The text notes that I can either pay a 7-month advance (and I assume this is on top of my Php15600 cash out) or I can present a credit card billing statement -- something I don't have.


      I don't have a credit card (and no plans on getting one anytime soon) but I can't shell out 27k+ at the moment either. I suppose that I could save up enough if given the time to pay the advance payment plus the cash out but I've waited long enough for this phone.


      My question is, do I have any other option or am I doomed at this point?