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    Question on mysuperplan 499 and spotify


      I availed mysuperplan on globe. with gosurf 499. how do I know my remaining MB and how do I register to spotify premium? I can't register manually on site. It says pls try again always

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          There are many ways to check your account balance:

          1. By dialling *143#. Follow and select the appropriate choice.

          2. Downloading the GServices app on Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. Enroll your mobile number and verify it. Once verified you can view your account balance and the due date.

          3. Calling 211 and following the voice prompt for checking account balance. Request for a copy to be sent to your email and maybe request for paperless billing too. For more info globe.com.ph/gogreen

          4. Creating an account at accounts.globe.com.ph. Enroll your mobile number and verify it. Once verified, you can fully use the self-service options at the menu. 

          Dashboard - An overview/summary of your account.

          Plan Usage Meter - Tracker of your account balance, data usage, sms and call minutes tracker

          Data Usage - data tracker for GoSurf

          Bill Statement - PDF file of your account statements for the one year duration which you can easily view or download for your perusal. You can even print directly when you need a hard or printed copy.

          Change my plan - an option to change your combos. Changes should be made 5 days after your cut off date and 5 days before cut off date. If your cut off is every 17th, you can change it on 25th-11th of the next month. The change will take effect on the next billing cycle that is on the 18th. 

          Third Party Apps for Data Tracker
          1. My Data Manager

          Both can be downloaded in App Store and Play Store.
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              for spotify log in to  http://spotify.globe.com.ph/go then after creating your account download spotify and now use your created spotify account to your downloaded spotify