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    I took two phones from globe, I am wondering why my other postpaid plan, I am wondering why my other postpaid plan has higher amount of payment than my other postpaid 499 knowing also that our postpaid plan was deactivated


      Good day, I took two phones from globe which amounts to 499 each kasi plan 499 sya, ang pinagtataka ko lang ung isa kong phone pays higher than the other one knowing na hindi ko naman ginagamit globe sim ko and it was deactivated nung September because I ceased from paying dahil nga sa inconsistency ng amount nung isang phone ko. Why do they have different payable amount knowing na nag plan 499 ako at hindi naman namin ginagamit ung globe sim. I feel like ninanakawan ako sa isang sim ko. kakachek ko lang kanina ng aking account ganun parin natitimes two ung amount nung isang phone monthly. why is that happening.?