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    Recontracting Issues/Concerns


      I have been a Globe subscriber for 9 years now. My current contact ends on February 20, 2015 with UnliSurf Combo 1799 plan. I have planned to file for a re-contract application several months and even have saved up for the cash-out cost for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Black) and the pre-termination fee last year.

      So I went to the Globe Business Center in Mall of Asia last December 29th to apply. So I was told to call 211 for the processing the re-contracting application. I have done my research months prior to this so when I spoke to the agent (Den-Den was his name, I think), said I was interested in availing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Black) and retain my Plan 1799 for 30 months with a cash-out cost of Php8,600.00 and the pre-termination, small issues began to surface.

      First, only a 24 month lock-up plan is only available to me, I was told by a Loyalty agent months before that I can avail of the 30 month lock-up plan. Next, when I was told that I can now avail of the 30 month lock-up contract, I was informed that the unit cost for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Black) is Php12,000.00 (cash-out cost if you're choosing a 24 month lock-up). I asked why is it the same price as the 24 month lock-up? I was not given an explanation but agent put me on hold for about 2 mins then went back now saying I can avail the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a cash-out cost of Php8,600.00 plus the pre-termination fee (Php1,174.58) for a 30 month lock-up period for the Plan 1799.

      The agent then told me that I have to pay this in advance so that he can process the order for re-contracting once the payment has been posted on my account. So I did that using my Globe Blue Rewards Mastercard and paid the said amount (Php8,600 + Php 1,174.58). Once the payment has posted in my account, he informed me that he is processing the request. It took a while to process the order request but after a few discussions with some other perks while processing it, I receive a reference number on my postpaid number (Reference #72323033) saying my request has been received and will be notified once processed. The agent also gave me the order number for the pick-up of the unit which was supposed to be January 9 or 10 of this year. I was happy when I went home. The following day, I saw 3 missed calls (from December 29th still), probably from Globe. Here's the catch now: answered their call then on December 30th and told me that the order was not processed because there was an issue in their system. I was told that by the same agent who processed the order that I will be given a callback 24-48 hours to provide me an update. I didn't asked at first what was the reason why, said it was ok and I can wait. Same agent called back again on January 1st, again was advised that the order still hasn't pushed through because of an issue in their system. Again, I said its ok with me and I can wait but of course in the back of my mind, I'm thinking "what's going on/what's happening then?"

      But it has been more than 48 hours since their last update, so I contacted talk2Globe via chat. Agent there said he'll forward my concern to the agent who processed my order via "internal communication". In the chat session, I was already demanding a response and provide me with a "real status" update regarding my re-contracting application. So that's when I decided to find some answers in the Globe site and stumbled upon the Globe Community group. Guess what? I found many discussion threads similar to my current predicament and GLOBE is not even worried that most of their loyal customers are practically experiencing the same thing when it comes to re-contracting application. What's actually worrying me now is that by bill cut-off is nearing (January 9) and it will send out my bill for January. The money I paid for the re-contracting application is already posted in my account so now I have a credit then. I'm worried that my next bill will eat this credit up to pay for my phone bill charges.What will happen to my application then? If the system/order requires me to add an additional amount when I already paid up the cost to renew my contract once it has been processed, I will make sure to file a complaint and an NTE as, well addressed to your superiors, just like one of the people who posted their concern here. I hope you Globe Community Moderators take this seriously and put some priority to all loyal subscribers applying for a re-contract with your mobile postpaid service. I want this issue address as soon as possible.

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          Sana di ko ito maranasan next month pag renew ko.

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            File the complaint as soon as possible and make it formal. It takes some time before anything is addressed and if ever it does before the authorities take notice of your complaint, then at least you did not waste any time.

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              I do notice some inconsistensies on how the Agent process your recontracting.


              Recontracting with pre-termintation and recontracting when out of contract has the same policy, it's just that with the first one, you have to pay a so called Pay-off fee since you are within contract.


              First. I noticed that you were asked to settle the pre-termination fee first before recontracting. While this has been a normal policy for store pickup to pay it first and wait for it to reflect on the system, Globe waived it this past few weeks, and you can now process recontracting via Globe store pickup and pay the necessary fee there. Since you called last 29 Dec, the waive is still in effect. Thus, you can pay the pay-off fee in the store pickup of your choice.

              (although the policy can revert back without further notice, but the next one, not)



              The more puzzling is that you were even asked to pay the CASHOUT too, and wait for it to reflect first in their system. This is totally absurd. Globe's policy for cashout is that, wether for delivery or store pickup, the CASHOUT will be paid to the courier(if delivery) or the globe stores(if store pickup). You will only pay for the cashout on the VeRy SAME DAY that you will be receiving the unit. I never knew of an agent the subscriber to pay the cashout first. Take this from new line applications, will they tell you to pay the cashout first before they process your application? Definitely not. So there's no logic to make the subscriber pay the cashout first before processing his recontracting.

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                  I agree. You only pay the cashout when you receive your unit, whether delivery or via Glibe store. It's only the preterm fee that should be paid before the re contracting can be processed.

                  System glitch? I don't buy that. And it's not your fault. Barrage the hotline with your follow up calls. ;)

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                  Hi charmedboy09,


                  I sent you a private message regarding this. Kindly check your inbox. Thanks!