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    Accidentally purchased in-app item (Clash of Clans) refund possible?


      My 2 year old son accidentally purchased 2,500 gems worth 900php kanina. He's watching youtube and was able to open my clash of clans account and somehow managed to buy gems using my mobile number.


      Nag process na ko ng refund sa Google play about 5 mins after na mareceive ko yung email na nag purchase ng gems using my mobile number. I was able to get an email confirmation that they have received my refund request and they informed me that they are reviewing the request. Pero kasi sa My orders via Google Play website, naka marked as "Complete" na yung transaction.


      I was wondering if possible pa na marefund yung gems at hindi ako ma-bill. Nabasa ko kasi na hindi pwede mag refund sa mga in-app purchase. I have no need for the gems at up until now intact pa yung 2.5k na gems sa clash of clans account ko at ni-remove ko na yung postpaid number ko sa google wallet to prevent accidental purchases.


      I even called globe an hour after I received the purchase order confirmation. Sabi ng globe rep. mabibigyan naman daw ako ng consideration na ma-waive yung charge in case hindi ito ma-refund ng Google since first time nangyari to at accidentally purchased naman. The catch is I have to wait till my bill cycle ends and once the bill gets issued. Kasi pre-bill pa daw ito pero once mag reflect yung charge naka note naman daw sa account na accidentally purchased yung gems and they will waive the charge.


      Can someone from the community shed some light on this? Is the globe rep telling the truth or sinabi nya lang yun para matapos na yung call? Pasensya sa pag dududa, wala na kasi akong tiwala sa Globe CSR's over the phone. Marami na kasi akong bad experience sa CSR's ng Globe over the past 5+ years