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    Globe iPhone Unlock - Contract Free


      Some of you might already knew this but i would just like to share this info for others who doesn't.


      Recently, Globe has been allowing factory unlocking of iPhones which are CONTRACT FREE. Meaning, the Globe Plan's Contract which the iPhone is bundled with, has ended/lapsed - either by pretermination or recontracting.


      For the process:

      1. Be ready with the IMEI of the iPhone. You can see by dialing *#06# or tapping Settings>General>About and scroll down for the IMEI.

      2. Contact Globe thru the channels: Twitter @talk2Globe; Email: [email protected]; Hotline: 211 and follow through the voice prompt until you're connected to an agent.

      3. Provide your IMEI and once your account is verified, write your reference number for future use.

      4. Once your request has been processed, the agent will tell you to wait for five (5) days for the processing. Usually, when account verification has no issue, an agent will call you 2-3 days informing you that the unlocking has been processed.

      5. Once unlocked, complete the unlocking process by backing up and restoring your iPhone using iTunes.


      For further reading: http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201328


      Note that this unlocking is for Globe issued iPhones only. It is FREE. This may be subject to change without notice.


      If same topic exists already, please merge this one. Please feel free to add some tips or missing infos. Tnx