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    Spotify 129 won't activate!


      I tested it out first by subscribing to Spotify20 first, it worked so when it expired I subscribed to the 129. I couldn't activate it, so I called the hotline to inquire about it. I was told that I needed to be subscribed to a GoSurf promo as well and that it doesn't matter which one and the representative even specifically told me to subscribe to the GoSurf10. I thought that their promo is misleading especially since the site states, "Subscribe to a GoSurf promo with free Spotify Premium OR to the STANDALONE Spotify Premium promo to enjoy all the music you want, even when you're online." Anyway, rather than waste my 129 pesos for nothing, I subscribe to GoSurf10 with extra load remaining, and it still won't activate. I've tried it again and again, still nothing. I tried to call the hotline again but it turns out it closes at 10pm. What am I supposed to do? Let my money go to waste? I hope Globe places specific details into their promo advertisements, because the details I've received from their advertisements and their representatives are totally contradictory. How Globe, am I supposed to go about this?