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    Is this what you call Service?


      Greetings everyone!

      Say, about a week or so ago, I posted issues about the "Service" that I have been receiving from Globe.

      It had a few comments on it, together with a few people sharing their thoughts on the matter.

      To my surprise, after a week or so, without any reply from Devs or Admins or someone from Globe who handles this Community, my post got deleted.

      Some guy sent me a private email to say that my issue is a case to case basis and he/they can't help me.

      Now, what is the reason why we have this so called "Community" ?

      I've been calmly looking for help over the phone, thru email, thru this community, and I haven't received any. I've been on a loop, ppl giving me the run around of having to call every week, or even twice a week, waste an hour or more over the phone to have something sorted out that was supposed to be working fine in the first place!

      I'm tired of how you treat customers, it's as if I need to repeat things everytime I call, whats the use of placing "Notes" on the account? Place me on hold for 30mins or more, and call gets disconnected, bye bye go on the que again and repeat the story.

      I'm just gathering some more people to show up, take this stuff to somewhere or someone else who'll give a S* to help.

      I have a number of videos from reps who mistreated me, screenshots of how long conversations take.

      Might aswell show this to people who knows how to respect CUSTOMERS time.

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          I can relate... I've been with it for more than 20 years already and I have a pile full of folders to prove it.


          Best solution (and to be blunt about it)... have a friend... no, many friends working for Globe to help you out. This community is a great start. Help others and others (including people from Globe) would help you out.

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            Same problem here. I applied for a Platinum Plan and they seem not interested with me since no one bothers to call me on the status of my application. And when I call to inquire of the status, some CSRs were quite insensitive, sarcastic and annoying since they keep on repeating every detail that are not necessary since I was just asking for the status. I'll be giving them more time though to call me until next wednesday (January 21) otherwise I will just file my retention with Smart Infinity. Anyways, the mobile internet and service of smart infinity is awesome. I will also be terminating my other globe postpaid plan and globeline dsl plan next month. So long Globe. Been with you since 1999 as a postpaid subscriber,yet I did not feel any special treatment for being a loyal customer. So disappointing

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              I would agree on that. @ghostblaster

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                I would also love to see other thoughts about the so called " SERVICE " of Globe. Promising 90% 3G signal on specific locations I indicated, LIES. Telling you one thing and actually billing you a different thing.

                I do hope you guys get your acts together, sooner or later people will get tired, just like me, am just gathering some more people to file a formal complaint, and we'll bring vids of calls that lasted for an hour or even more, agent disconnects the line, and he/she is gone forever, go back to the que, reinstate your case, repeat everything and under go the same process.

                If your APOLOGIES can pay our BILLS, If your SORRY and I Understand can pay the time I wasted OVER the phone with you guys, am glad and happy to accept that.

                I wish CUSTOMERS can BILL Globe for wasting my/our time.

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                  Hours and hours wasted over the phone, just to be placed on hold, call gets disconnected, go back to the que, repeat the same thing, and into the loop again.

                  I'm loosing hope and seriously thinking about cancelling everything and just.. uh, I dunno.