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    iPhone Forever Plan Denied Trade In




      Jan 13 will be my 13th month with the iPhone Forever Plan and as promised, I am allowed to trade in my existing 5s unit for a 6.


      I went to Globe Ayala Cebu today only to be told that they don't handle the trade in or that they were not so sure about the process so they gave me the number for the Retention (?) Hotline which is 730-1300.


      I talked to the operator and voiced out my concern. She told me that the iPhone Forever plan is a Legacy Program/Promo and they were still about the Launch/relaunch it (I'm assuming relaunch since I've been on this plan for a year already). She told me she has no news as to when it will be launched and that for the meantime, I will just have to wait.


      Wasn't the point of the plan to get a phone every year?


      I am very disappointed. We've paid roughly two years in advance. If there were any changes with the plan/promo we should have been informed.


      Please tell me what to do to. I would really want to trade in my 5s for a 6.


      Thank you.


      Berniece x