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    Kanino pwede magreklamo?


      Hanggang ngaun wala pa rin feedback yung branch na supposedly pag-pipick-upan ko ng phone? Anyare? Hanggang Kelan sasabihin sa akin ng CS ng Globe na walang feedback yung branch? Magaantay ba ako sa wala?

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          Isumbong mo kay Tulfo... Hehe

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            same as me..

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              Extend more patience and follow it up again. Save the rants later on. Learn to be calm and dealing with the csrs cause marami din po sila ginagawa and most of the time sila ang shock absorber ng mga errors ng globe. Makiusap na lang po tau na kung pwede pasuyo na lang na etext ka nila.

              One of the reasons ng delay is due to limited stock ng iPhone 6/6+ na binigay ni apple sa pilipinas. Ngaun lang po unti unti tumataas ang bilang ng units. Yan ay kung iPhone po ung unit nyo.

              Mas mainam din po tumawag kau sa 211 at kausapin an isang agent kasi may direct access sila sa system ng globe to check accounts.

              Goodluck po. Sana makuha nyo unit sa madaling panahon.

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                  Sorry but i jave already extended my patience to the extent of my ability hahahah..


                  The phone is for pickup last December 18, but until now they can't give me an accepted reason of what happen to the unit.


                  Points where I have lose patience with them and their internal process


                  1. They have informed me that the item is on stock Samsung Note 4 White but couldn't guarantee when can I pick up the phone.

                  2. The phone is already dispatched to the pick-up branch but as per the CS no confirmation from the custodian of the branch ganon ba katagal magreply feom the support? I think may problem ang internal process nila


                  3. Hinde nila alam ibig sabihin ng CS non of the agents I spoke gave me feedback or even sa txt man lang, kung hinde ka pa tatawag sa hotline nila nganga ka.


                  So until now ang spill nila sa akin cannot guarantee na nasa branch na yung phone? So ano na? Magiintay ako? Nga nga na naman..

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                  same here...nawawalan na rin ako nang gana tuloy..forevermore yata ang feedback dadating

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                      Nilalag na nga ng CS ang branch eh hahahaa.. Baka daw ginagamit ang unit na mga new subs or nag eextension ng line.. That is supah unacceptable! Kung nangyayari man yun, the more na dapat magfeedback ang branch para mareplenish nila yung ginamit nilang stock na dapat pagbibigyan nila.. From there alam mong isa sa internal process nila ang may problema..

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                          about the stocks with the local office, here's what the last rep I spoke to had to say  :DATE: January 6, 2015TICKET NO.: 1412301097

                          TRANSCRIPT:Seerium:Session transferred to Postpaid Rewards.Seerium:Name: alfonse ****** , Email: alfonse_******@yahoo.com, Account:9*******/0917*******

                          Aiza:It’s a wonderful day here in Globe. I'm Aiza, your live chat agent. How may I help youtoday?

                          alfonse :hi

                          Aiza:How may I help you today?

                          alfonse :i was supposed to get my phone for recontracting last december 18, the when i gotthere it was moved to the 24. and on that day it was rescheduled to, the unit still was not at thestore. ive tried making calls and chats for the past weeks. one rep said i would get a follow up within24 hours

                          alfonse :but didn't recieve any text or call

                          alfonse :i called again and they said i they will escalate it and it will take 48 hours

                          alfonse :i waitedalfonse :still no response

                          Aiza:My apologies for that. Just to confirm, I’m chatting with Mr. Alfonse  with emailaddress alfonse_******@yahoo.com and you are inquiring for account number 9*******?

                          alfonse :yes

                          alfonse :last dec 30 i also contacted a rep who informed me it would take 3 working days

                          alfonse :and got the same issuealfonse :no follow up

                          Aiza:Thank you Mr. .

                          alfonse :you're welcome

                          Aiza:We apologize for the delay.

                          Aiza:As of the moment, there's no new update yet in our system regarding this matter. However,this has been coordinated to the support team for update.

                          alfonse :so there is really no etr?

                          alfonse :i mean i'm ok if they would inform me ahead of time and tell me why.

                          Aiza:I apologize for the late response. Our system takes longer to respond than the usual.

                          alfonse :i just found it funny when i saw a walk-in applicant who got a phone after justsubmitting her forms for the same unit when we were waiting at the store

                          alfonse :take your time

                          Aiza:We apologize but we don't have means to determine the cause of delay as of the momentbecause we're also waiting for update but we do our best to inform them that you want to know thestatus of your handset delivery.

                          alfonse :is it normal for new line customers to get their handset after just submitting theirdocuments while recontracting customers wait for the delievery of their unit?

                          alfonse :i mean i was always asking them if they had any spare in stock

                          alfonse :they actually said no

                          Aiza:It depends on their available stocks.

                          Aiza:My apologies for that but we have different inventory of unit from new line application torecontracting reward. This is the reason why some of our new customers can get the unit on thesame day.

                          alfonse :but it was strange when a customer who just literally inquired about the phonegetting it a few minutes after later

                          alfonse :so they have more stocks on the new line customers

                          alfonse :?

                          Aiza:I'm sorry Mr.  but we have limited access to check the availability of unit under new line application.

                          alfonse :i understand that. i just find the company's priorities weird. they don't just make ithard for existing customers, but also to loyalty reps like you.alfonse :I bet you get a lot of complaints about this and I know it's not your fault, you justfollow regulations set by your company.

                          alfonse :but to tell you honestly, if they really wanted customers to stay, they should do moreon making it happen rather than just relying on representatives like you who struggle with the limitedtools they give you.

                          alfonse :a worker will only be as good as the tools you provide them.

                          Aiza:I understand and apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

                          Aiza:Let me coordinate your concern again to the support team for immediate update.

                          Aiza:Please anticipate feedback from the support team from time to time.

                          Aiza:Please be reminded to present your recontracting form and 2 valid IDs upon claiming thehandset. In case that you’re not the one who will personally claim the handset, kindly fill-out alsothe authorization letter located at the bottom part of the form. Kindly advised also your authorizedrepresentative to present his/her valid ID together with your IDs.

                          alfonse :i have question

                          alfonse :is it possible to cancel the recontracting i have not claimed the unit yet?

                          alfonse :don't worry i'm not gonna ask you to cancel it.

                          alfonse :so it won't affect your metrics

                          alfonse :i just want to know if it is possible

                          Aiza:Yes, it is your option.

                          alfonse:acknowledged, thank you for your help.

                          Aiza:You're welcome Mr..

                          Aiza:Are you planning to cancel your availment now?

                          alfonse:no, I'll give it one more shot.

                          Aiza:Okay. Thank you for that.

                          Aiza:Rest assured that I will make an escalation report regarding this matter.

                          alfonse:thank you so much for your time, take care 

                          Aiza:You're welcome and please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this hascaused you.

                          Aiza:Would that be all for now?

                          alfonse:yes, now go get one more customer to chat, log out, go home and rest. good night.

                          Aiza:Thank you for using Talk2GLOBE Chat! I'm glad to have served you today.


                          so priority ang new line customers at to hell I care to existing subscribers. It ok if wala talagang stock yung unit. Pero fact na ayaw kang bigyan kahit na Meron naman at ewan. They would rather take risks with new customers who might not pay after getting thier units than retain customers who have been with them. Fyi, gaining new customers while losing old ones is no growth at all. Anyway, this is the last straw. I'm almost done with my article about this issue. Just waiting if they're still not gonna do anything. I've read about blogs on this issue but none on the papers yet, for now atleast.

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                              If I were the customer service i would report those in the position who are not doing their job.. Chain reaction lang ngyayari sa kanila.


                              Customers ang nagagalit sa kanila..


                              I'm planning to go to the branch to confront baket na dedelay at ng magkaaalam kung sino ang hinde gumagawa ng trabaho nila.. At magkaalaman kung sino nagsisinungaling..


                              Sobrang hassle ang ginagawa nila sa mga existing subs nila.. I never contacted them with other issues nila kahit mahina signal nila sa Antipolo wala naman nagbago kahit nagsurvey sila before, i just want this transaction to be over. Para naman mabawasan mga irate clients sa kanila. Tsch!

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                          subukan talaga ng pasensya with globe.

                          ilang months ako nkipag talo sa knila bago ko nakamit ang hustisya.


                          tweet wars and called them 2-3 x a week.

                          every call i have my opening is "can you get me your supervisor" hehe