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    Everyday my Home Tattoo connections always down for a certain hours or have intermittent connections, even though their technician already visit us for many times to try to fix our connection problem.


      Everyday my Home Tattoo connections always down for a certain hours or suffering an intermittent connections. 
      We have already visited by their technicians for so many times now, just to try to troubleshoot and fix our connection problem —reconfig our modem, reset our PPPoe DSL account password, check in-house wiring and they even replaced our router/modem from Huawei to a new Prolink router/modem. All that efforts they did was for nothing. It seems their technician has limited knowledge on how to fix our connection problem or maybe it was on Globe network's fault that causes our problem, but their hotline agents never said that it was or mentioned any related network problem on the Globe's side.

      I also discover in the internet that our DSL accounts can be used by anyone who knows our DSL Account sign-in info. Just type in your browser "GLOBE Free PPPoe Tattoo DSL Accounts" and you will find many pinoy community who sharing multitude of Globe DSL active accounts (username & password). They can access and used our accounts by using their globe modem that already has a discontinued or disconnected account. To make things worse, I found out that many of their providers for free DSL accounts are admittedly Globe personnel or tech and most of them offering a negotiable agreement in giving them the DSL accounts. How is this possible? How come Globe let their personnel, hotline agents, technicians doing their dirty work in negotiating our personal accounts or offer to be use freely by other people?

      My Home Tattoo DSL connection is very important to me, mainly for my online work —regular work and communication for my online clients, leisure for my online games and also for my whole family to have contacts in each other specially who lives in other countries. Because of these problems in our DSL connection that occurring regularly, I already loss 1 star(points review) in my freelancing profile because of so much delay in processing in updating my client's account and most of the time can't response quickly on their queries for the work update. This resulted a big impact in my freelancing career specially in engaging for a new project/work/client. Also for my online games I frequently received reports for abandoning the game because of the bad connections and as result always suffer a low-priority in finding game match.


      This hurts me so much and giving me frustrations for almost a month now because of this connection problem, that I've already give up to be fixed. If only I'm able to change my ISP now, I already did it earlier in December. But I have no options for this because only Globe was available here in our location.

      Please share your thoughts if anyone here suffering same problem that I have now and if you have possible answers for my connection problem.