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    Customer service experience is so bad


      I called globe csr bec my line got disconnected due to my 1000 balance last dec 5 2014 due date and another bill was due last jan 5, 2015 which I forget. Now Im asking if there is any possible way that they can reconnect my line and ill pay the bill next week. The agent denied it bec she said last month i didnt comply with the promised date that I gave them which is dec 20. But when I checked I paid it online on the promised date with the promisd amount and called them on the aame day abd gave the details of my payment so they would know that I paid it on the 20th of dec bec i know it will be posted within 2days. So the IVR reconnected tge line by that time however the reason that they gave me now why my line cant be 100% reconnected is bec my payment shows dec 22. Whats the used of informing and giving the payment details with you guys if you will not honor that the payment was made on the 20th and why youre accepting payments thru 3rd party if ur not going to base the date on when the payment was made instead you based it on the day it was posted. And there was a notation there that I also have a promise to pay on jan 1st which i didnt say. And when I talked to ur supervisor named KIM he was so rude he even said "Maam hindi po kayo ang nagpapasweldo sa akin" which is really made me pissed off. You should train your agents and whenever I call your hotline from time to time they keep placing the call on hold. And i did pay 1968 out of my 2667 for this month and for the balance of 700 you dont want to reconnect my service then nezt month my bill ia full 1799 without thwb3o days full of servicw. Its so inconsiderate! 700 3 days past due and you wont reconnect my line. Put yourself on my shoe and tell me how it feels. Im not saying I will not pay my bill im just asking for couple of days for the amount of 700. After all the inconvience and bad customer service this is all I got! You dont have a perfect service so please dont ask for perfect payments!

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          Most of the disconnections are computer or system generated as long as they fall into the parameters concerned. It is also unfortunate that last December we experienced a lot of non-working days and normal operations just resumed last Monday (Jan 5). Understand too that it is not just Globe nor us consumers who have suffered from the long holidays and cannot have our payments posted due to banking and payment policies.


          I'm sure that your line would be reconnected as long as your payment records would fall within the acceptable parameters of payment delay.

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            with regard to the behavior of the agent and his supervisor and their handling, you may raise a complain thru (@talk2GLOBE) | Twitter or Globe Telecom | Facebook.

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              Hi abbie_24,


              I apologize for what you have experienced ma'am. If there's anything account-related that I can help you with, just let me know and I will send you a private message.

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                Hi, I would like to file a complaint on your Globe Nepo Mall Dagupan City branch.

                1. They do not wear name tags or IDs. Yes, they may be in uniform but how would we know who assisted us or if the service they provided is good or bad, we could at least give them feedback. Identification is very important. We asked about it and they just laughed it off.

                2. Identification. Just as I was saying. I needed to get a replacement sim since I lost mine and they would not allow me to get one if I don't have an affidavit of loss. I have 2 IDs with both my name and picture on them. If you care about identities then fall back to my number 1 complaint.

                3. My father is a globe subscriber. He has a plan without a phone. Now he wants to get a phone on his plan. According to the 211 globe customer representative, we were informed that we should go to the nearest globe store and get one. But again, they refused to help us even if they have units inside. Why? They are offering the units to new subscribers only! Why? Do they have a quota that they need to reach? Is it not all equal who gets a phone or who does not? Know what I mean?!


                This is very frustrating. Our whole family has numerous plans and we will pull out and switch networks if this is not dealt with!