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    Maliit ang 5GB - 30GB sa Pocket Wifi


      I wanted to apply Mobile Wifi on globe kasi sobra na talagang di ako makapagaply dito sa amin


      WIMAX: CONGESTED (going to terminate plans)

      LTE: CONGESTED/NO SPARE SLOT (Even pocket wifi 1Mb ang DL 5Mb ang UL)



      So, I decided to go with the unworthy ones. Connected with 3~5 Devices. I can manage at least ~15GB before a week.


      Average Speed of this other network = 0.7~1.5Mb/Day (better with browsing, torrent)

      Average Speed of Globe in our area = 1.0 ~ 2.00 Mb/Day (better with browsing, streaming)

      See the picture that I browse with3~5 devices in 133hours

      Imaging 16GB in 133Hours. and appx. Running almost 96GB per day on the other network.